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 jay dont go

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PostSubject: jay dont go   Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:58 pm

jay a dont think u should go. u started all this. this is ur baby. ur group. ur page. ur team. ur dogs. dont get me wrong sev and smerkii would make gr8 leaders but i think even they will agree that even if u go ur still goin ti b our leade...r. i would rather u striped the group bk down to 100 150 players that really play all the tym and keep it close and u stay than have the biggest group n u go. but wot ever u decide we will allways be right behind you, every last dog. and u will allways have us here for help, protection, resourses, DP, wot ever u need bro. so if u feel u must go just know u cant choose ur family and ur part of this family.
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jay dont go
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